Brooklyn Digital Arts is a Brooklyn, NY-based software studio focused on building networked applications that push the boundaries of software both technologically and creatively. Drawing on the deep and broad talents of its development team, Brooklyn Digital Arts is busy creating the future in a number of important areas:
  • Education. Brooklyn Digital Arts is at the forefront in applying recent developments in networking, visualization and simulation to education, as a consultant to educators, publishers and educational technology companies, and as an independent developer of educational software.
  • Culture. For many years, Brooklyn Digital Arts has been a pioneer in the development of technology that pushes the bounds of art and music. In the nascent field of interactive storytelling, the studio's ISHML project includes the development of a language and a platform for authoring, distributing and experiencing interactive stories.
  • Development tools. Brooklyn Digital Arts provided the talent that created Bento, an exciting new web development language that finally brings the power of object-oriented programming to the presentation layer. Brooklyn Digital Arts is well positioned to help organizations apply this powerful new technology to increase the quality of their web applications while lowering their cost.
  • Communications. The Brooklyn Digital Arts team brings with it decades of experience in the design and implementation of communications and networking software at all levels. In the two years the focus has been on a pair of related technologies that hold particular promise for providing substantial benefits to wide audiences: peer-to-peer applications and web services.
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